Definition: Magazine;A term used for a place where large quantities of
ammunition are stored for later distribution. The less common usage is an ammunition dump.


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Hollywood to the Backwoods

What do Tarzan, precision shooting, country music and falconry have in common? Joe Lara. A man with many talents and even more interests. Today, we delve deep into the life of Joe Lara. The legend that portrayed the perfect embodiment of Tarzan now has his sights set on tactical shooting instruction, Lets have a brief look at this American icons history. Joe Lara was born in San Diego, California. After High school, he would move to Los Angeles to take acting classes aspiring to be an actor. Getting the work was the hardest part, but his career as an actor would take off in his early 20’s when he took on his first agent. Attracted to the energy of his acting classes and the energy of the stage, he immediately found love in his career choice. In the late 80’s, Mr. Lara would take on the role of Tarzan in the CBS movie Tarzan in Manhattan, and would also take on the role of Tarzan in the hit TV Series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures.
Shot in South Africa, not only would he become the star of the televised series, but also the producer. Rising to the challenge of being a producer; he learned overcome and adapt, to improvise when supplies and staff weren’t readily available. Spending 14 to 16 hours a day being on set, Joe developed a great appreciation for teamwork and also the ability to be a motivating force for his team when everyone was tired and stretched thin. The show would go on to be the #1 show for their time slot on both coasts. After his endeavors with Tarzan, he moved his career to Nashville where he would rise as a country musician, and produce his album The Cry of Freedom. Also Available on iTunes. Another personal interests of this American legend would be his passion for building and flying airplanes. Starting at the age of 16 flying a small Cessna; he would later carry out his interests of piloting working as an aircraft mechanic for as short period of time. To date, Joe has successfully built 2 small aircraft, bought his third, and has racked up over 2,600 hours in the sky. He plans on spending more time in the future soaring through the clouds.